Chinese Hot and Sour Soup Recipe

Restaurant Style 

Chinese Hot and Sour Soup

is the best,easy and healthy soup you can make and serve your family, when you have some restaurant-style food cravings plus want to save on outside food!

If you love Chinese Food then here is the Best Chinese Hot and Sour Soup that you can make and enjoy at home. 

Loaded with Mushrooms,Tofu,Bamboo Shoots and silky Egg Ribbons with lots of other veggies and protein of your choice.

I am a HUGE Chinese food fan and mostly eat Chinese takeout dishes or Thai Food (if I am not so keen on Chinese food that day), when kids are with me then its always KFC or McDonald's but recently we love eating at home as that's best food right plus save so much on cash!

But I like to treat myself away from house chores and cooking hassles once in a while and enjoy American or Italian cuisines too. 

That's been always comforting me apart from my mom's food.Well,when you are a foodie then you can't really say which food you love the most of all.

Coming back to this recipe I prepared this soup in under 30 mins or even less.

I love making dishes that I end up making fast and will fix my lunch or dinner quickly. 

Mostly I prepare Spaghetti Aglio e Olio , Shrimp Scampi , Chicken Noodle Soup, Mushroom Pasta as these recipes are super simple and easy to put together.

Hot and Sour Soup

This recipe of Simple yet Chinese restaurant style, soup is the best and easy recipe that you can make in a hurry and will go for seconds and thirds.

What is Hot and Sour Soup?

This soup has great combination of Hot and Sour flavors both at the same time. 

Chili Sauce or Chili Flakes gives the Hotness to this recipe and Vinegar gives the sourness.

This makes it so good and really good, filling at the same with Tofu,Mushrooms,Bamboo Shoots,Egg Ribbons ,veggies of your choice and protein of your choice makes this soup wholesome and a meal in itself. 

I make it mostly when I have soar throat as I feel that the hot and sour taste gives a soothing feeling for my throat.This is just my belief.

What proteins can be added?

You can go for any proteins of your liking. 

Add boiled and shredded Chicken,Beef or Pork as per your choice. 

I have skipped adding protein here as I felt that there was so many ingredients already that would make this soup very filling but I would add chicken next time I make as that will give some extra flavor to the soup.

Can I Refrigerate and Reheat for later?

Yes! Refrigerate the soup and reheat on lowest flame till its hot and ready to consume again.

A ssauce pan with hot and sour soup with tofu,mushrooms and egg ribbons

What are the Ingredients that go in Hot and Sour Soup?

  • Mushrooms : Use Shitake Mushrooms / Brown Asian Mushrooms / White Button Mushrooms. Shitake Mushrooms would be perfect for this recipe but I could not find them this time so I used white button mushrooms.
  • Bamboo Shoots: These are available if in local markets then use the fresh ones or used canned ones. 
  • They are crisp and give a nice texture and subtle flavor to the soup. If you find the fresh ones or canned try using them in this recipe but if you cant find them then skip these.
  • Tofu :  Use firm Tofu if you like to have tofu in your soup. Always see if the package is soft, as if use soft tofu then most likely it will disintegrate in the soup.Use firm tofu and cut into long strips or cubes as per choice
  • Egg: The most exciting part of this soup is the silky and beautiful Egg Ribbons.So good and makes the recipe very enticing.
  • Vegetables of your choice: Use vegetables of your choice:Here I have added carrots grated,spring onion/scallion.But You can use onion,cabbage,green bell pepper too.
  • Protein of your choice: Use Chicken ,Beef or Pork as per choice.
  • Chili Sauce / Chili Flakes: This gives the heat to the sauce.
  • Rice Wine Vinegar / Distilled White Vinegar:  This gives the sourness to the soup.

Hot and Sour Soup with tofu,eggs and mushroom

How to make / Steps to make Hot and Sour Soup?
  • In a deep sauce/soup pan/pot,add the sesame oil and when its hot,add the chopped ginger and garlic.
  • Saute for a 1 min and then add the carrot sticks. Saute further.
  • Next add the chicken stock,chicken bouillon,sauces,mushrooms,bamboo shoots,scallions and let it come to a boil for 2 mins.
  • Next add the cornstarch dissolved in water and add.
  • Let it boil further for few more seconds then add the tofu pieces.
  • Finally add the beaten egg,slowly in a single stream and stirring the soup continuously to form the ribbons.
  • Serve hot.
Steps to make restaurant style Hot and sour soup
Steps to make restaurant style Hot and sour soup

Hot & Sour Soup with eggs,carrots,mushrooms and green onions

Chinese Hot and Sour Soup

Savory Bites Recipes
Published 03/13/2019
Chinese Hot and Sour Soup
Best ever recipe of restaurant style Chinese Hot and Sour Soup Recipe- loaded with Mushroom,Tofu,Egg Ribbons,carrots and other vegetables of your choice,this Hot & Sour Soup Recipe is perfect and comforting!


  • 1 Tbsp Sesame Oil,toasted
  • 1 tsp Brown Sugar
  • 1/4 Cup Carrot, julienned
  • 2 Oz Tofu,firm,cubed/sliced
  • 3 Cup Chicken Stock/Broth / Vegetable Stock/Broth
  • 1 Cup Mushroom,sliced(Shitake/Asian Brown/White Button)
  • 2 Sprigs,Scallion / Spring Onion,chopped
  • 5 Oz Can Bamboo Shoots/ Fresh Bamboo Shoots,sliced
  • 3 Garlic,cloves,minced/chopped
  • 2 tsp Ginger,finely chopped
  • 2 Tbsp Rice Wine Vinegar / White Distilled Vinegar
  • 1 Tbsp Sriracha Chili Hot Sauce / Chili Sauce or Use Chili Flakes Red (Use in moderation as per tolerance)
  • 2 Tbsp Soy Sauce
  • 1/2 tsp Chili Garlic Sauce
  • As per need Salt
  • 1 Chicken Bouillon Cube
  • 1/2 tsp White Pepper Powder
  • 1/4 Cup Cornstarch mixed with 1/4 Cup Water
  • 2 Eggs,lightly beaten


  1. In a large stock pot/sauce pan,add sesame oil and when its hot,add ginger and garlic.
    Fry for 1 min and then add carrot, fry further.
    Add the stock,sauces,pepper powder,mushrooms,scallions,bouillon,sugar and cook.
  2. Once the soup comes to a boil,add the cornstarch slurry and mix well.
    Cook further.
    Add the tofu pieces and stir once.
    Add the eggs in a single,slow stream and continuously stir the soup.
    Finally garnish with spring onion/scallion,greens.
    Serve hot.
Yield: 3 Servings
Prep Time: 00:15:00 mins.
Cook time: 00:15:00 mins.
Total time: 30 mins.
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A close look of white bowl with Hot and Sour Soup

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