Best Homemade Alfredo Sauce

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If you're looking for a quick dinner, Fettuccine Alfredo is the way to go. This is the best homemade alfredo sauce which only takes 30 minutes, and the result is rich, creamy, and delicious.

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If you love the Olive Garden fettuccine alfredo then try this fettuccine alfredo sauce I have shared here, it's creamy, delicious and so rich that you will never look for anything else.

I wanted to make the copycat Olive Garden 
alfredo sauce, so instead of going for a store-bought jar, made an attempt with homemade Alfredo sauce, and it turned out so good! We all wiped the plates clean and also the pan :)

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Those of you who want to try the Chicken version can use Chicken or any other meat of your choice, I think this dish will even taste awesome with Clams/Mussels.

I made this on a lazy Sunday afternoon for lunch and it took hardly 30 mins to fix lunch for me.

So maybe if someone wants to try it on a weeknight as well, it will be so amazing and so good to have dinner fixed so fast.

If you are an Olive Garden menu fan then try this awesome recipe in just a few basic steps and you will save so much on eating out plus homemade food means you can make lots and go for seconds and thirds.

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a close up of a pan with fettuccine alfredo

Best Homemade Alfredo Sauce

Ingredients for easy fettuccine alfredo:

  • Fettuccine:  As the name suggests the primary pasta used in this recipe is Fettuccine but if you are not having this pasta then you can still use any pasta of your choice it won't matter. The sauce is the important thing here.
  • Parmesan: Most important ingredient in Alfredo sauce is Parmesan. This cheese gives the entire flavor to this creamy homemade fettuccine alfredo sauce.
  • Cream Cheese/ Cream/ Milk: I have used a cream cheese, cream, and milk combination to make this Alfredo sauce creamier and delicious along with Parmesan. If you are looking for vegan/skinny Alfredo versions then I have already mentioned the information.
Apart from these three ingredients additional ingredients are butter, garlic, parsley, and black pepper powder.

Tips to make this creamy white sauce(PRO Tips to make the Olive Garden Alfredo sauce):

  • The cheese used in making the fettuccine sauce uses parmesan, but you can also use a mix of mozzarella, white cheddar, and Gruyere.
  • You can also use half and half instead of whole milk and cream.
  • The longer you leave it, the sauce will get cold and solidify so, serve it hot immediately after cooking.
  • If you want the pasta to be silky smooth then add a little more milk and cream or pasta water but adjust the spices accordingly.
  • Always cook sauce on low heat to make sure the cheese, cream cheese, cream, and milk get mixed well and without lumps.
  • The sauce should not be too much or too less, it should be sufficient to coat each pasta strand but not very thick.
How to make fettuccine alfredo Sauce?
(What is alfredo sauce made of?)

The creamy white sauce for pasta is very easy to make and so good.

All you need to do is stir-fry garlic in butter till soft,  then one by one add cream cheese, cream, cream, milk, garlic powder, parsley, and parmesan.

Cook the sauce by whisking with an egg whisk till the sauce is smooth and silky. If the sauce is thick then add a splash of leftover pasta water. That's all Such an easy creamy sauce for pasta!  No more need to buy those BIG jars of sauce.

How to make Fettuccine Alfredo?

Step 1:  First you need to cook the pasta as per the package instructions. 

Reserve a cup of pasta water and toss pasta with a few drops of oil and keep it aside to use later.

Step 2:  Add the butter to a saucepan, and when it melts add garlic. Toss it for some time but do not burn it as the sauce will turn bitter.

Step 3:  Next add the cream cheese, cream, milk, parmesan, pepper powder, and parsley.

Stir continuously to make sure the sauce is evenly mixed with no lumps. Throughout keep the sauce on low heat or else the cream and milk will curdle.

Step 4:  
Finally switch off the heat and mix the pasta. Stir immediately and serve when it's hot and garnish with grated parmesan.
a closer look at a pan with homemade fettuccine alfredo

What are the alternatives for ingredients to make this dish Skinny and Vegan?

  • Add low-fat Milk instead of whole Milk.
  • Instead of butter, use a combination of olive oil and butter.
  • To make the pasta creamier, instead of cream, you can also use coconut milk.
  • Skip butter-add olive oil. Also skip the cream, cream cheese, and milk, instead, you can use coconut milk and flour. This will give a creamy texture to the dish.
  • Also to make it vegan, use cashew powder or use raw cashews, roast them and powder, and mix this powder with water to make a cream substitute.
  • Cauliflower pureed to a smooth flowing saucy texture will make a very good substitute for cream and cheese too.
a top view of white plate with fettuccine pasta

How long does fettuccine alfredo last in the fridge?

Once prepared store the alfredo noodles in an airtight container for up to 3 days.

You can store the fettuccine sauce in an airtight jar for upto 5days.

What vegetables to put in fettuccine alfredo?

The classic fettuccine alfredo tastes best without any addition of vegetables.

But if you want to make this dish healthy then add stir-fried mushrooms, broccoli, 
snap peas.

How to reheat the homemade alfredo?

To reheat the creamy alfredo sauce or fettuccine alfredo, you have to heat it on low flame.

Heating the dish or sauce on medium or high flame will leave the cream to curdle from the sauce.

To make the sauce smooth and silky add a splash of milk to the sauce. This should do the trick. Milk should be at room temperature and not chilled.

a pan with creamy Fettuccine Alfredo with lots of grated Parmesan

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fettuccine alfredo recipe

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    1. Well written awesome recipe. Seems delicious. Will cook soon.

    2. I was a cook at Olive Garden and there is no cream cheese in their recipe; it is Kraft grated Parmesan cheese in the green plastic jar, half and half, butter and garlic powder. I bet the addition of the cream cheese would make it a thicker sauce; I will have to try it.

      1. So it has half and half instead of heavy cream?

    3. Looks great! 😋 yummy! Will have to try very soon! Thanks for the tips!

    4. Made this tonight. I didn't have cream, but just added more milk and it was delicious. Substituted Gruyere for Parmesan (I know - not true alfredo), then added Romano/Parmesan as I tossed in the noodles. I think I am glad the store was out (totally out) of the bottled stuff.

    5. This recipe looks amazing! I will definitely have to try it out.��

    6. This has become a family favorite at our house!!! It's so good and tastes just like Olive Garden's alfredo!
      Thank you

    7. This is the first time making alfredo sauce from scratch, I'll never use jar sauce again!

    8. This recipe is the exact Olive Garden recipe if not better! My boys loved it and they are picky about their Alfredo! Thank you for sharing

    9. Why won’t this recipe print?

      1. Right? I selected the recipe and printed it that way.

    10. Is this something I could make the day before then reheat in a roaster and still have it turn out well? (Feeding 20 people with pictures before the meal)

      1. You can prepare the sauce and keep it refrigerated and serve it later. Hope this helps.

    11. I made this before and we LOVED it, it’s actually better than Olive Garden in my opinion. I planned to make it again today but completely forgot to buy milk, would it be ok without it? Thanks

      1. Yes instead of milk you can add little stock(vegetable) that would be fine to make the sauce.

    12. This was delicious!!


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