Banana Chocolate Frappe

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Delicious Banana Chocolate Frappe, enjoy this when its Hot or when you crave for coffee! Goodness of fruit with chocolate and coffee makes it more interesting! ๐Ÿ˜Š

Coffee  fragrance takes me to heaven! Love coffee in any form, whether its regular coffee,ice cream , milkshake,cake,iced coffee or frappe.
I am so happy when its midnight, as I usually wait for the midnight to make a cup of nice hot coffee for me ๐Ÿ˜ Some of my silly habits drive everyone crazy but I like to sip on a hot cup of coffee specially when its past midnight.
Well,its just me who has this habit.Most of my family members love to sip a cup of coffee right after dinner but I wait for clock to struck 12.

My kiddos favorite ice-cream is Coffee too. I make it often as she loves it after chocolate flavor, as that's what all kids love first!
Here is the link to my Coffee IceCream recipe. Do give it a try.Many of my readers have tried this recipe and loved the flavor and easy recipe.
I had heard about the much loved Starbucks Banana Chocolate Chip Frappuccino, wanted to try my version by making it little lesser chocolaty version.
Here I have used the Nescafe coffee in my recipe.
Again if you love caramel in your beverages,add some caramel syrup to this too.

Close up of a mason jar having Banana Chocolate Frappe topped with whipped topping,chocolate sauce and chocolate chips

Day never goes as I plan! I usually make these variety of heavy and filling drinks when I am usually running late for the day and super hungry as I need to have something but do not wish to eat. Usually, I plan meals ahead for the day but sometimes the day does not go as I plan and after all the plans , I end up making something different than my schedule.
So, today as I thought I was late,ended up making Chole for Lunch. Chole is Indian spicy Chickpea curry, We had it with Phulka/Roti. I have shared recipe of Chole before. Check that out to.
Skipped breakfast as I had so many chores to handle and finally it was close to 10A.M. I was super hungry.Was having no idea what to make so finally thought of this drink to make.
Banana makes this drink very filling and I was not hungry for the next 2 hours!

Top look of the jar having Banana Chocolate Frappe with chocolate sauce,whipped cream, and chocolate chips

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Banana Chocolate Frappe
Quench your thirst with this amazing recipe of Banana Chocolate Frappe! Goodness of fruit with added chocolate and coffee!


In a mixer Grinder,add all ingredients except ice cubes.
Grind it till smooth.Add the ice cubes and run the mixer grinder till ice is crushed well.Serve immediately with whipped cream,chocolate chips,chocolate syrup!

Prep time: Cook time: Total time: Yield: 2 Servings

Chocolate Frappe Starbucks


  • If the sweetness of this beverage is less for you,then go ahead and add more chocolate syrup or sugar as per preference.
  • Dark roast coffee is my personal favorite. You can try any type of coffee you like to make this.
  • Serve immediately. If you plan to make this ahead and refrigerate, then do not add the whipped cream and syrup ,rather add it right before serving.

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    1. What a healthy and delicious way to start the day!

    2. I don't know how you drink coffee at midnight. I would never be able to fall asleep! :) I've never tried the coffee/banana combo, but you make it look so good that I want to now!

      1. LOL my husband asks me the same question! He never even attempts to take a sip past 9 p.m :)

    3. I love the smell of coffee too! These look super refreshing

    4. Nice recipe, good idea to add bananas

    5. My 13 year old niece is obsessed with the Starbucks version of this...Pinning for her! TY!

    6. Oh my goodness, that looks so creamy and delicious!

    7. Wow! It looks stunning and a great drink to make as a special treat.

    8. What a delicious looking frappe, love the extra goodness of the banana too.

    9. Lovely mix of flavours! I love that theres coffee in here - and its not too sweet -yum!

    10. I am all about frappes, especially today since we are in a heat wave!

    11. Now this looks delish. The perfect little afternoon treat or dessert! I have a feeling these are going to be a hit in my house!

    12. I can't believe you can drink coffee at midnight! lol I can't even have a cup after 12:00 noon if I want to sleep that night! I can think of lots of people who would LOVE this treat!

    13. I have been collecting these same looking masor jar glasses given with each bacardi rum bottle and when I saw your frappe I wondered why I didn't get the idea to make this in the crazy recent heat in Goa. Looks super enticing!

      1. haha...yes try it now :) its super yummy! Thank you :)

    14. WOW!! This looks incredible!! I am pinning this to make soon


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