Pistachio Kulfi / IceCream( Eggfree)

By: Prasanna| Published: 6:58:00 PM

Here's a new recipe again and this time something we all love to have,specially during summer time...Ice Cream/Kulfi! yes it's Pistachio IceCream/Kulfi  😊

This time of the year I start making variety of Icecreams and so I already made my all time favorite Coffee Icecream and it got over in just 2 days!
Now again I made this Pistachio IceCream/Kulfi and may be ina day or two I will make Mango IceCream.
Recipes of the two icreams are already shared by me.Please check them.
I made this Pista Icecream/Kulfi and it turned out so soft,no-crystal forming and yummy!

Pistachio Pista Kulfi Icecream eggfree no-churn

I am naming it Kulfi cum IceCream as I really don't think I need to make something different to separate this recipes. It's a 2-in-1 combo!
The kulfi and IceCream would be differentiated by just addition of Cardamom Powder. In kulfi we use Cardamom and for IceCream's we don't.
So if you like Cardamom add it or skip it.
Another interesting ingredient here is fresh and crunchy Pistachios to be used. I used very crisp,fresh and roasted pistachios,shelled and hulled. I am not much sure if the pistachios are not fresh then how would the taste vary. 
Even when you eat the fresh pistachios and slightly couple of week's old one's then there is difference in flavor you can feel.
Using Pistachio Essence/Extract really enhances the taste and brings out flavors in the icecream. If you don't find this then still no worries,You can add vanilla essence or just skip the essence part but then add the cardamom powder.

Pistachio Pista Kulfi Icecream eggfree no-churn

Here I had put half quantity in Kulfi Molds and remaining in a icecream container just to see how well both the versions of the same recipe work. 
Kulfi was sliding smoothly from the mold and IceCeam could be scooped out so easily.
When you serve try to top them with some chopped Pistachios for the additional flavor.

Pistachio Pista Kulfi Icecream eggfree no-churn

Pistachio Kulfi/IceCream
Prasanna Hede


  • 2 Cup,Whole Milk/Full Fat Milk
  • 1 Tin,400 Gms,Sweetened Condensed Milk
  • 1/3rd Cup,Pistachios,Shelled,hulled,roasted
  • 1 Cup + 1/4th Cup,Heavy Whipping Cream / Amul Cream
  • 1 Tablespoon,Pistachio Essence/Extract
  • A pinch,Green Food Color(optional)
  • 1 Teaspoon,Cardamom Powder
  • 1/4th Cup Chopped Pistachios for Garnish
  • Kulfi Mold / Icecream Container (Freezer Safe)

  • In a large saucepan,add the milk and condensed milk and let it cook on medium flame.
  • Keep an eye on the boiling milk as it might spill or burn.
  • Keep stirring it at regular intervals.
  • In a mixer grinder,add the 1/3rd cup Pistachios and 1/4th Cup cream and grind to thick and coarse paste.
  • Add this to the boiling milk mixture.
  • Cook milk for 10 minutes.
  • Mix well once the pistachio paste is mixed.
  • Switch off the gas/stove.
  • The mixture must have reduced slightly.
  • We don't need to reduce this much.
  • Just boiling the mixture for 10 mins would do the work.
  • Now add the cream,food color,essence and cardamom powder.
  • Mix well.
  • Once its cooled well,pour in kulfi molds or Icecream tin and refrigerate for 8 hours before serving.
  • For kulfi,when the kulfi had slightly solidified in about 1 hour or slightly more, then place the popsicle/kulfi stick.
  • To remove from the molds,hold the mold under running tap water or dip it in a bowl of water filled halfway.
  • Enjoy!


Hi, I'm Prasanna!

I will be the first one to admit that I am an accidental food blogger. I love trying out new recipes and giving them a twist of my own. Hope you enjoy trying out the recipes ... do leave me your valuable feedback 😊

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    1. Looks beautiful. I have made kesar kulfi the same way never tried pistachio
      The condensed milk gives it the creaminess. Very beautiful clicks makes me want to eat this now

    2. I LOVE pistachio! I need to make some of this STAT.

    3. Did you say pistachio? I'm in!!! Love this recipe and photo!

    4. Yum! So many incredible flavors! I love the color and the addition of the roasted pistachios.

    5. These are such a beautiful color - what a perfect, pastel shade of green. I love pistachio ice cream, it always reminds me of my childhood.

    6. Pistachio is one of favourite flavours too, especially pistachio ice cream. I really like the idea of adding cardamom. Your Pistachio Ice cream, and the pistachio popsicles, look gorgeous!!

    7. I remember very clearly the very first time I tasted pistachio kulfi and it was the most amazing frozen dessert I had ever had. This reminds me of those :)

    8. This looks delicious and so creamy. I really like the color.

    9. As much as I love pistachios, I have never tried the ice cream! Sounds great!

    10. Is there anything better than pistachio ice cream? I don't think so! This recipe sounds divine and I will most definitely be adding cardamon for that extra dash of spice. Yum!

    11. I love pistachios. I can't wait to try this recipe.

    12. My pistachio ice cream turned out like syrup using the the condensed milk. This is the first time I used condensed milk. Why ?

      1. You should boil it with milk and let it get thicker.it wont be liquidy.


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