How To Make The Best Chicken Tinga Tacos

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These Chicken Tinga Tacos are ready in 30 minutes, made with smoky chipotle chicken, served with a warm corn tortilla, with cotija, lime, jalapeno, or any of your favorite toppings!

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This recipe of chicken tinga tacos is an absolute favorite for busy weeknights, this recipe comes to the rescue. Plus, these tinga tacos work best for entertaining guests too.

Comfort food is what I call this taco recipe when chicken is served with a warm charred corn tortilla, with some cilantro, jalapeno, cotija, and lime juice, bliss!
a close up of a wooden board with chicken tinga tacos

Chicken Tinga Tacos

What Is Chicken Tinga?

Chicken tinga is a Mexican dish with shredded chicken cooked in a tomato-based sauce, made of chipotle peppers, spices, and onions.

Ingredients To Make Chicken Tinga:

  • Chicken - I have used boneless skinless chicken breast meat. You can use thigh meat too, or even leftover store-bought rotisserie chicken.
  • Spices - These are the basic spices readily available - salt, cumin powder, black pepper powder, dried oregano, and ground paprika.
  • Red Onion
  • Garlic
  • Crushed Tomatoes -  I have used canned tomatoes.
  • Chipotle Peppers - These peppers give the flavors to chicken tinga. I have used two peppers in this recipe but you can add one as per your tolerance to spice levels.
  • Garnish - Cotija, cilantro, lime juice, avocado, onion.
  • Tortilla - Corn tortillas are used in this recipe. Warm the tortillas directly on flame, charring the tortilla's edges before serving.
ingredients to make chicken tinga tacos

How To Make Chicken Tinga Tacos?

Step 1:  Prepare Chicken Tinga -  Use home-cooked and shredded chicken or store-bought rotisserie chicken and shred it. 

In a pan, add oil and let it heat. When the oil is hot, add onion and garlic, and saute it till it's soft. Let it cool.

Once cooled, add onion, garlic, chipotle peppers, spices, and crushed tomatoes to a food processor/blender and blend well.

In a pan, add sauce and let it simmer. Add chicken and salt to it and cook till chicken is coated well with sauce.
steps to make chicken tinga
chicken tinga in a pan
Step 2:  Prep Tortillas - Warm or toast tortillas directly on flame. The charred edges of the tortilla make them perfect. You can skip this and heat the tortillas on a griddle and warm them well before you want to serve.

Step 3:  Prep The Toppings/Garnish - Chop/dice the toppings of your choice to serve the tacos.

Step 4:  Assemble Tacos - Once the chicken tinga, topics, and tortillas are ready, start assembling the tacos. Arrange the tortillas, place a spoonful or two of the chicken tinga, and add toppings.

Step 5:  Serve while the tacos are warm.
a close up of chicken tinga tacos  topped with  cotija cheese
chicken tinga tacos arranged on a wooden serving dish with toppings

Tips To Make Chicken Tinga Tacos:

  • To cook chicken at home, boil a pot of water with salt, black peppercorns, cinnamon sticks, and cloves, and cook boneless skinless chicken breast pieces till done. Discard the liquid and once cooled, shred the chicken.
  • Either use flour or corn tortillas as per your choice.
  • Charring the edges of tacos gives a lovely flavor to tacos instead of making the tacos warm on the griddle.
  • You can use cilantro, lime, crumbled cotija, avocado, and jalapeno as toppings for the tacos.
  • To adjust the spice level in the chicken tinga, add chipotle peppers as per spice tolerance.
  • Freeze the leftover chicken tinga in a freezer-safe airtight container and freeze for up to 3 months. Before serving defrost the chicken tinga in the refrigerator and heat in the microwave or pour in a pan and heat on the stovetop.
  • Using store-bought rotisserie chicken is a quick way to make this recipe instead of cooking and shredding chicken at home.

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