Vatana Usal (Spicy Peas Curry)

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Spicy Peas curry (vatana Usal)served with sev and Pav/ Bread,works perfect for breakfast!

Spicy curry lovers favorite and it is Vatana Usal (a spicy peas curry) , a wonderful breakfast recipe for all who love to try some spicy gravy which has variety of beans/peas along with some distinctive spices,served with sev/ganthiya and eaten with bread,Yumm!

This is HOT favorite among most Indians,specially all those who love spicy Maharashtrian flavors.
If you decide to make it less spicy then even kids can enjoy this and it is very healthy as we can include variety of beans/peas in this recipe,so that kids can have them!

Usually ,in restaurants we get this usal made of moth beans and white peas but since I didn't have moth beans at home, so instead I used white peas,green dry peas and some quantity of masoor.
Whatever combination of peas you use to make this curry the final outcome is superb and a good way to consume variety of beans.

whites peas spicy served with sev,pav

I have a lot of craze for the Maharshtrian influenced recipes,which are very spicy and flavorful,although my family prefers less spice in food and more of sweeter food (not exactly sweet but very mild in spices). It takes me sometime to convince them to try few of my favorite recipes which are more towards the spicy category.
I usually love making breakfast interesting and have shared a lot of interesting breakfast recipes on my blog.
I will list a few recipes here for you to check:

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Vatana Usal
Spicy peas curry with sev,and served with pav/bread,makes an excellent breakfast dish.

First,wash the peas and masoor and soak them in water overnight.
In a pressure cooker,add 2 tablespoons oil.
When its hot,add onion and tomato.
Fry it for a while.
Do this till onion turns pink.

Add the soaked peas mix.
To this add 1 & 1/2 Cup water and pressure cook it for 3 whistles/15 Mins.
You can try and keep for more or less time depending on how much time it takes for you to cook it thoroughly.

Next,make the masala.
In a wide pan,add oil.
When its hot,add onion and cubed tomato and rest other ingredients mentioned under "For Masala",except the dry powders.

Fry this till coconut turns brown and fragrant.
Switch off the gas and let this cool.
When cooled ,grind this to a smooth paste.
Do not make it watery.

When the pressure cooker steam has released completely,open the cooker and add the ground paste to it.
Also,add all the masala powders mentioned.
Adjust salt.
Add sugar.
Let it cook for a while.
Garnish with cilantro.
Serve hot with Sev, Poori or Bread!
Prep time: Cook time: Total time: Yield: 4 Servings

another look of vatana usal with bread,onion served for breakfast

  • Adjust spice level as per your tolerance.
  • If you cannot find the misal masala powder then no problem try using malvani masala or even any brand of garam masala combined with coriander powder.
  • Kanda lasun masala gives a nice aroma to any maharashtrian gravy,so try if you can find it or else skip but taste might vary.

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    1. This sounds deliciously flavorful and spicy. We love spice in my house, so I'm bookmarking this recipe to try!

    2. I need to get a pressure cooker so I can make this! It sounds delicious!

    3. This looks like a delicious recipe. I love spicy!!

    4. I had seen this in local eateries in Karnataka, but I didn't know what to make of it. My husband didn't know about it either. It does look super delicious!

    5. I love trying new dishes. My husband loves spicy foods and peas are his favorite. I will have to surprise him and make this.

    6. Usal!!! Took me back to my college days in Bombay when we had pav and usal once every week in the hostel mess :-) Still enjoy a nice plate of usal-pav whenever I go back... but have never tried making at home. Thank for sharing the recipe. Now I really need to try it out :-)

    7. Mmmm love the flavors in this curry. It's looks very warming which is perfect for this time of year.

    8. When I saw the name I thought the dish would be green. It looks very good and I never thought to have curry for breakfast. But why not?? I've had pizza for breakfast. We love spicy food so we would really enjoy the dish.

    9. This looks amaaaaazing! I can't wait to try it. I haven't had curry for breakfast since I was in India five years ago.

    10. I just got a pressure cooker! Will have to give this recipe a try!

    11. I love making authentic recipes! My kids would love this one! I love all the ingredients you included!

    12. I love lentil dishes and this one looks so vibrant! What wonderful, fragrant spices you’ve used. Sounds delicious.

    13. I LOVE spicy, but unfortunately I am the only one in my house that does :) We may have to try out the less spicy version, because this sounds delicious!!

    14. Place me in the unreservedly spicy category! This sounds like my favorite kind of breakfast: bread with a spicy sauce or stew! I have a store close by that sells some naan so I can't wait to pair them together!

    15. Hi, Really great effort. Everyone must read this article. Thanks for sharing.


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