Try This Best Crab Rangoon Recipe

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 Best Crab Rangoon recipe with fresh crab, soft cream cheese, spring onion, and spices together wrapped in a wonton wrapper and fried till crisp, served with sweet & sour sauce!

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The Crab Rangoon recipe is the best Chinese takeout dish you can try and enjoy at home.

Crab rangoon is a famous appetizer on most Chinese restaurant's menu and are very easy to make at home, plus these taste so good when served with sweet and sour sauce.

crab rangoon dipped in sweet and sour dipping sauce

Crab Rangoon Recipe

This crab rangoon recipe is very close to the Panda Express Crab Rangoon recipe, as I have used fresh crab meat in the wontons. If you can't find fresh crab then imitation crab meat will work too.

How To Make Crab Rangoon Recipe?

These homemade crab rangoon are made with fresh crab, cream cheese, spring onion, and spices wrapped together in a wonton wrapper, further fried till crisp making these crab rangoon so delicious.

Cream cheese along with spring onion and flavoring makes the perfect creamy crab rangoon filling, making them taste good on their own or when dipped in sweet and sour sauce.

Here are the steps you can follow to make these crab rangoon:
Step1:   Thaw wonton wrappers in the refrigerator until you use them or you can take out the wrappers and cover them with a kitchen towel so that they do not dry out.

Step2:   In a mixing bowl, add all the ingredients for the filling, such as crab meat, cream cheese, spring onion, salt, garlic, sugar, pepper, soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and paprika. 

Step3:   Brush the edges of the wrapper with either water/egg wash/flour slurry. I used flour slurry on the edges of the wrapper. Place a teaspoon of crab rangoon filling at the center of the wrapper.

Step4:    Bring together opposite ends of the wrapper and pinch the tip. Bring the adjacent corners and seal the edges, making sure that there is no leakage when you are frying them. Refrigerate the wontons for 10mins while the oil is heating.

steps to make crab rangoon
Step5:    Heat oil in a deep frying pan. Drop a few wontons at a time and fry them till they are golden brown and crispy.

a white plate with crab rangoon with dipping sauce
Step6:    Serve while hot with sweet and sour sauce.

easy fried cran rangoon with sweet chili sauce on a white plate

What Is Crab Rangoon Filling Made Of?

The creamy filling that goes in these rangoon is very easy to make. 
In a mixing bowl, add crab, cream cheese, soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, garlic, spring onion, salt, paprika, sugar, and pepper.

This recipe of crab rangoon filling is very delicious. You have to make sure that the crab portion is more compared to the cream cheese portion that goes in the filling.

ingredients to make the crab rangoon filling

Can I freeze Crab Rangoon?

Yes. You can prepare the rangoon and freeze them before frying or baking.
Arrange them in a freezer-safe bag or arrange them in a single layer to avoid sticking together.

These rangoon stay good for up to 1 month and when you want to cook them just fry them or bake them in the freezer.

Should You Freeze The Crab Rangoon Before Frying?

Refrigerate Rangoon before frying, this helps them to fry better and makes them evenly crisp. Also, the filling has fewer chances of leaking from the pastry.

What Is Crab Rangoon Sauce Made Of?

I like most the Chinese or Asian style appetizers with sweet and sour sauce or Thai sweet chili sauce. This sweet and sour sauce we normally find in any Asian stores. You can also use Thai sweet chili sauce.

Tips To Make The Best Crab Rangoon Recipe:

  • The crab meat portion has to be more than cream cheese in the filling. This will make the crab rangoon taste more crab taste than cream cheese taste.
  • After making the rangoon refrigerate them for 10 to 15 minutes. This will make the rangoon easy to fry evenly and stay intact.
  • Do not add much filling to the rangoon as it might leak while frying the rangoon. Add half to 1 teaspoon of filling at the center of the wrapper.
  • The crab rangoon filling should be dry and not with any water content, if the filling is not dry then it will leak from the wrapper while frying.
top view of a white plate with crab rangoon served with sweet chili sauce

Chinese crab rangoon served with sweet and sour sauce

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Very Easy and crispy crab rangoon

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