Chicken Sandwich (Leftover Chicken Curry Sandwich) Recipe

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When in a hurry to fix Breakfast / Lunch box or even Dinner, then this recipe will come to your rescue, leftover Chicken Curry Sandwich with caramelized Onions and Butter fried Potato chunks is an awesome combo!

Chicken Sandwich with leftover chicken curry is so perfect that now on it will be a regular at my place.
This is a lifesaver recipe as all I am doing here is putting together some easy ingredients to make some amazing breakfast recipe / Lunch Box idea and also quick dinner fix.

I used to always wonder when there was good amount of leftover chicken curry at home as to how to consume it and the only thought that as a Goan comes to my mind is making "Ros Omelette" ! Now that is another interesting street food served at every joint in Goa and relished with Pav / Une or Goan bread. Its adding leftover chicken curry without chicken,plain omelette with some chopped onion and to be gulped down with some hot local bakery made Bread.

A wooden board with leftover chicken curry sandwich,served with cold beverage and caramelized onions and butters potato chunks

This time I thought of this Chicken Sandwich, and trust me it was very amazing. I have shared recipe of my traditional  Chicken Curry Recipe,but if that is tedious to follow then I have also given another chicken recipe in "Notes*" below to ease out the curry recipe.
Here is what you have to do when you take the shortcut:
I have marinated chicken pieces(bone-in) with paste of salt,yogurt,turmeric ground,cilantro,mint,ginger,chili pepper and garlic.
Step by step pictures of how to make chicken curry
A wooden board with chicken sandwich,caramelized onions and butters potato chunks

Next I have caramelized the onions and butter fried the boiled potato chunks.
Step by step pictures of how to make chicken sandwich

Chicken Sandwich (Leftover Chicken Curry Sandwich) Recipe

prasanna hede
Published 07/20/2018
Chicken Sandwich (Leftover Chicken Curry Sandwich) Recipe
Very easy and flavorful dish to put together in no time,that too with leftover Chicken Curry to make this delicious ChiCken Sandwich,with caramelized Onions and Butter fried Potato Chunks.


  • 1 Cup Chicken Curry(Made with Chicken Breast or if with bone-in then shred the chicken)
  • For Caramelized Onions:
  • 2 Large Red Onion,sliced
  • As per need, Salt
  • A pinch,Sugar
  • 2 Tablespoon Coconut Oil
  • For Potato Chunks:
  • 2 Large Potato,peeled and cubed
  • Enough Water to boil the potatoes
  • 1 Tablespoon Butter,unsalted
  • As per need,Salt
  • 1/4 Teaspoon Black Pepper Powder
  • To Serve:
  • 3 Burger Buns / Bread /Or any other bread of your choice
  • 1/4 Cup Cabbage,shredded


  1. Here I have used leftover Chicken Curry,bone-in,shred and discard bone.
    Here is the traditional Chicken Curry recipe I have shared.
    If you are looking for a quick chicken curry to make, then I please check Notes*. Use this Curry Paste For Chicken Curry to make the quicker version.
  2. To make caramelized Onion,slice the onions and in a pan add coconut oil.
    Let it get hot, add the onions,salt and sugar.
    Keep tossing the onions till they are brown and caramelized.
    Keep them aside.
  3. To make the butter fried potatoes, first boil the potatoes in sufficient water til soft.
    Once the potato chunks are soft,drain the water and let them cool.
    In a pan,add butter,salt and pepper powder,add the potato chunks and let them cook till the sides of potato are well browned.
    Keep them aside.
  4. To assemble,put a slit on each bread to open them.
    Add the curry with chicken pieces to each bread.
    Add the onions and potatoes,finally finish with cabbage.
    Serve hot!
Yield: 3 Servings
Prep Time: 00:15:00 mins.
Cook time: 00:15:00 mins.
Total time: 30 mins.
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1.If you need to make the curry in a hurry without following the traditional Chicken Curry Recipe then,you can marinate the chicken pieces with green paste made of Cilantro,Mint,Green Chili Pepper,Turmeric ground,Salt,yogurt,ginger and garlic. Saute some chopped Onion and Tomato in coconut oil,when mushy add the chicken marinated and add any brand of Curry Paste For Chicken Curry available in Indian Grocery Stores.
2. I personally recommend this Curry Paste For Chicken Curry,as it suits my and my family's chicken curry taste.
3.If you are using Chicken Breast then shred the chicken once curry is ready,if using Bone-in then separate the bone and discard it.

If you liked my recipe then do save this image↷


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