Microwave Carrot Rava Ladoo (My guest post)

A new post for all sweet lovers!....it's Instant Microwave Carrot Rava(Semolina) Ladoo!

Recently, I had the privilege of writing a Guest Post for Su's Healthy Living...that's the fertile work of Suchita  Kamat-Bhat!
Suchitra started learning to cook when she was 8!...well, that is a wonderful journey in her culinary life! She is a physical therapist by profession and yet cooks and serves wonderful and healthy dishes for her family!

I have shared with her one of my wonderful recipe of microwave carrot rava ladoo!
These delicious melt in mouth beauties will make you have more and more,loosing the count !
They were loved by all...and got over in no time :)
A very simple recipe,yet delicious ladoos,melt-in mouth texture will make you make you have them more!

Check out my recipe shared on Suchitra's blog...Microwave Carrot Rava Ladoo!
Try this and enjoy!
I am sharing some more pictures of the dish here to treat your eyes! :)

Microwave Carrot Semolina Rava Ladoo

Here are the stepwise pictures:

  • Please adjust the cooking time as per individual Microwave power settings.
  • These remain fresh if refrigerated for a week.
  • Consume in a day or two if kept out in open.

Enjoy!! :)

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