Crème Caramel /Caramel Pudding /Flan

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A very famous dessert,easy to put together ,works like a charm for any party -The easy and best ever Flan/Crème Caramel/Caramel Custard Pudding!

I have been a fan of my mom's Caramel Pudding ever since I remember eating it.I have been making this quiet often at home,and with lot of variations.Today I am sharing caramel custard recipe with slight modifications,and its super quick and good.

Caramel Pudding / Custard /Flan, there are lot of names to this dish.So whatever you like to call it, the taste will remain same.
This has been on my menu for all my birthday parties since my childhood.I hardly remember,that as a child,I had opted for Ice-Cream instead of this custard.
This is soft,porous and melt in mouth pudding/custard is very delicious and easy to put together.

This recipe required eggs,but those who do not eat eggs can try my Eggless Caramel Pudding !

Front look of a white plate served with crème caramel,caramel pudding,Flan

To get the caramel, first you need to melt the sugar in a pan over heat.Keep tilting the pan over the heat till the sugar starts to caramelize.
Make sure that the sugar does not burn and it browns without burning it.Once sugar fully caramelized,keep the pan to cool down.
In five minutes or so the pan will cool and the sugar will harden.

Step by Step pictures of how to make crème caramel,caramel pudding,Flan

For the next part,you have to whisk the eggs,sugar and vanilla well till the mixture is all light and fluffy. There should not be any traces of egg whites in the mix.
To this add milk or instead use whipping cream too.Mix well and further add condensed milk.
Finally you need to pour this over caramelized sugar,and steam for 35 mins to 40 mins without the pressure cook weight.

Step by step pictures of how to make  crème caramel,caramel pudding,Flan
white plate served with crème caramel,caramel pudding,Flan

Crème Caramel /Caramel Pudding /Flan

Prasanna Hede
Published 07/01/2018
Crème Caramel /Caramel Pudding /Flan
Best ever and easy recipe of crème caramel/caramel pudding/flan



  1. First,caramelize the sugar.
    In a bowl,add 8 teaspoons sugar and keep it on medium to low flame.
  2. Let the sugar melt and let it get dark brown. Make sure it does not burn.
    For this use a pan/bowl which you can later pressure cook.
  3. When the sugar has melted and dark brown,move the pan in circular motions such that all the sugar caramel coats the pan evenly.
    Leave it aside to cool.
  4. In a bowl,add eggs,2 Teaspoons sugar and vanilla essence.
    Beat well,make sure there are no egg white lumps.
  5. To this egg mixture add milk,condensed milk,spice powder and mix well.
    Now in a pressure cooker,add water and let it heat.
  6. The caramelized sugar must have cooled down,so now you can pour this mixture in the pan/bowl.
    Keep this bowl in pressure cooker and cook it without whistle for 30 mins or till custard is done.
  7. Let the pressure from cooker be completely released.
    Take the bowl out and let it cool completely.
    When the bowl has cooled down,run a knife from the edges of the bowl, such that pudding will come out clean.
  8. Invert the pudding on a plate or serving dish.
    Serve it chilled!!
Yield: 6 servings
Prep Time: 00:10:00 mins.
Cook time: 00:35:00 mins.
Total time: 0 mins.
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    1. Custard looks sooo delicious! I'm a huge custard fan and this is perfect

    2. This caramel looks so rich. I love caramel pudding .This one sounds so simple to put together and looks fabulous. Look at the topping.Just the right color. Although i have made this many times before, but i need to try it your way .Thanks for sharing.

    3. Whatever name it goes by, I always love custards like this - I can absolutely understand why you always requested it for your birthday! :) Terrific step-by-step photos here to make the recipe easy to prepare - thank you!

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    6. When I worked at a Mexican restaurant, one of my favorite things to eat was their flan. I've made it at home but not very often. I'm so glad I happened upon your recipe so I can make it again and see if it tastes how I remember it! It looks so delicious!

    7. This is the easiest flan recipe I've ever seen!! And your pictures...WOW...BEAUTIFUL! My mouth is watering...and I have such a bog sweet tooth!! I cant wait to try this!

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