Banana Halwa / Kelyacho Halwo

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A sweet post for all....Banana Halwa!

This halwa is also called as Moira/Mandoli/Kerala Banana Halwa. The halwa can be made from Mora/Mandoli Banans available in Goa and also with Kerala Bananas.

This is an excerpt from Wikipedia. It will help all the readers know some information bout the Bananas.
"Moira ([mɔjɽɛ̃ː]) is a village in the Bardez Taluka of the North Goa District in India. It has been home to a number of notable individuals from Goa,[1] and is known for its bananas (known as Mundollchim kellim in Konkani).
The village is famous for many things, among others for its banana plantations, which yield big, long bananas, called munnouchinz kellim in Konkani, and each fruit is equal to a square meal."

Also, I found this article where you all will find more informations about Mapuca Market in Goa, and its Banana Varieties. Mapuca Market Info

To make the perfect halwa, you will need ripe Moira Bananas. The outer skin should be blackish but when you peel open the banana,the banana should be firm and fully ripe and intact.
If the bananas you use are ripe and very mushy then halwa wont turn good ,also if the bananas are raw then also do not attempt to make it. Wait till the bananas are ripe.

Another dish which is famous in Goa about these bananas is the fried Banana. No...Not deep fried...but most heavy dish on your tummy and loaded with calories.
The same moira banana,peeled,fried in loads of ghee and sprinkled with  sugar on top.
I shall post this recipe soon.

The recipe is used for Kerala Bananas too. There would not be much difference to taste. 

So try this recipe and enjoy!!

Kerala Banana Moira Banana Mandoli Banana Halwa Kelyacho Halwo Goa


Banana Halwa / Kelyacho Halwo
  • 4 Mandoli/Moira/Kerala Bananas
  • 3/4th Cup Sugar 
  • 2 & 1/2 Tablespoons Ghee / Clarified Butter
  • 6 Cloves
  • 1 Teaspoon Cardamom Powder
First, peel the banana skin and make round slices of the bananas.
Do not make too thin slices nor too thick ones.
In a non-stick pan,add all banana slices,ghee,sugar,cloves and mix once.
Cover and cook on sim for 15 Minutes or till the halwa is done.
Finally add cardamom powder.
Serve Hot or Cold,as per choice.
Prep time: Cook time: Total time: Yield: 4


  • Do not use raw bananas for this recipe. Also,do not use bananas which are over-ripe and are mushy.
  • This halwa can be prepared from Kerala Bananas too.
  • When making halwa do not stir the banana pieces frequently as they will break.
  • You can eat this halwa as it is or serve with chapati or puri.
  • This halwa can remain refrigerated for upto 15 days.
  • I have not used any water in this recipe, as if we use water then we need to consume it in shorter span and it becomes difficult to store.
  • Make the slices not too thin nor too thick. The size of banana slices also makes a difference in taste as it varies the cooking time.
  • Check for banana slices periodically to see if the halwa is done,so that the banana slices should not burn on one side.


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