Coconut Almond Cookies

Delicious Coconut Almond cookies are perfect for snacks and kids will love them asking for more!

Baking was on my mind for some days and its been almost 3 months that I have baked anything I guess! 
I used to love the coconut cookies which we got in a nearby bakery but for some reasons I was not able to get them.There was a mismatch in my timings and bakery timings.It happened twice that I went to the store to buy cookies and some other goodies and it was closed. Finally I made up my mind that no matter what I will make my favorite cookies again.
I usually have so many things on my hands for the day that fitting everything in a day's time is just impossible.
I started my day yesterday,thinking that I will bake these cookies by morning so that I will get plenty of time to finish rest of my work but as usual these cookies took the least priority and I ended baking them by late afternoon.
But I am still happy as out of all the obstacles(yes! I call them obstacles as when you plan for things and nothing happens as per your schedule,and that too EVER! ,then it's an obstacle) finally I could finally bake these goodies and they were absolutely delish!
My kids were very skeptical before taking a bite but they were sill screaming loudly "wow something smelling awesome" 😂😂

Egg free Butter free cookies

Here's what you can do to get these cookies right: just mix all the ingredients ( sieve the dough once) and with light hands make a soft dough. Here when I say dough this is not a bread dough.Just use a spoon initially then use hands to mix. You do not need hand or stand mixer,just lightly mix with hands and the dough is ready.
Interesting part is that I have not used eggs or butter or baking soda/baking powder here.But still the cookies are perfect,crispy outside and gooey inside.
I have shared another recipe of cookies on my blog,these are very famous in India/Indian community and they are just perfect melt in mouth cookies "Nankhatai". Try them too.
Using MTR Badam Mix powder is a great alternative the regular Almond powder/Flour for Coconut Almond Cookies. This is readily available on Amazon and in Indian grocery stores.

Coconut Almond Cookies


  • If you do not find  MTR badam Mix or any other Almond flour / powder, then try making homemade almond powder.
  • Adding a little Elaichi powder / Cardamom powder to the dough to give extra flavor.
  • Do not knead the dough. This dough will be very soft.
  • Leave sufficient space in between the dough balls for the cookies to grow or they will stick to each other and loose the shape.
  • Choice is yours to use powdered or granulated sugar.
  • Initially the cookies will be soft,even if they have browned. Let them cool for 5 mins on the baking tray itself.
  • If you try to take the cookies immediate after taking them out of oven then they will break. 
  • Cookies will be soft even after taking them out of oven.After 5 mins of cooling transfer them to cooling rack.

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Coconut Almond Cookies

Firstly sieve gram flour and APF once to loosen it.
In a mixing bowl,add all the ingredients mentioned except ghee and milk.
Add ghee to it and mix lightly with a spoon or using hands.
Then slowly add the milk in parts to mix everything well to make a soft dough.
Do not knead the dough.

Using light hands mix the dough.
Preheat the oven at 160C / 320F.

Line a baking tray with parchment paper.
Pinch small dough balls and lightly flatten them on your palm.

Coat each ball with extra dessicated coconut and arrange on baking tray.
Bake for 12 mins or till cookies are brown.
Let them cool for 5 Mins then take them out of baking tray.
Arrange on cooling rack.

Prep time: Cook time: Total time: Yield: 12 No

Eggfree Coconut Cookies

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  1. Don't we need to flatten the balls of dough before baking?

  2. Don't we need to flatten the balls of dough before baking?

  3. No need...They will flatten on their own...If you still want slightly flatten them ☺

  4. No need...They will flatten on their own...If you still want slightly flatten them ☺