Masala Fried Fish(Grilled Pomfret Fish)

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Spicy delicious grilled Fish recipe (Masala fried Pomfret), full of flavors and goes so well with steamed white rice,pulao,khichadi or just as it is!

To all the seafood lovers ,here is one of the best recipes to try next - Grilled Masala Fish / Masala Fried Fish (Pomfret).
Its very easy recipe,just under 30 mins and tastes amazing with rice or just as it is.
The best part of this recipe is it requires some basic readily available ingredients and you can make a wonderful dish with it.

Kids would love this fish recipe too. I will soon share another version Rava fried Pomfret / fish recipe with some easy spice mix to apply, so do come back to check out that recipe too.

A  masala fried fish served on white paper with lemon wedges and onion rings

Here is what you need to do,firstly wash the fish well and apply salt,turmeric powder,red chili powder,coriander powder,cumin powder.
Next grind the curry leaves,garlic cloves,small ball of tamarind together to a smooth paste.
Add this paste to fish,along with little yogurt. Adding yogurt is totally optional.
Keep this aside for 10 mins atleast for marination.
Step by Step pictures of how to make Masala Fried Fish (Grilled Pomfret)
Black plate with white paper and served Masala Fried Fish (Grilled Pomfret)

Finally heat a grilling pan or even a plain griddle if you don't have a grilling plate,apply little oil to it and grill or cook the fish along with masala till done.
To get that lovely red color always use Red Chili Powder which is milder in spice level but gives vibrant red colors to dishes like Kashmiri Red Chili Powder or Deggi Mirch Powder.

Step by Step Pictures of how to make Masala Fried Fish (Grilled Pomfret)

Masala Fried Fish (Grilled Pomfret)

prasanna hede
Published 08/14/2018
Masala Fried Fish (Grilled Pomfret)
Spicy delicious Masala fried fish just like the ones in a Restaurant(Grilled Pomfret) recipe. Works best with plain steamed rice or as an appetizer too!



  1. Clean and wash the Pomfret and keep aside.
    Apply all the ingredients mentioned for marination.
  2. Keep this for marination for 15 mins or if you need then more.
    Heat a grilling pan or even a plain griddle.
  3. Apply little coconut oil to the pan/plate.
    Place the pomfret on the plate along with marinade.
    Cook on both sides till done.
  4. Enjoy hot with steamed rice!
Yield: 2 Servings
Prep Time: 00:15:00 mins.
Cook time: 00:10:00 mins.
Total time: 25 mins.
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    1. I LOVE grilled Pomfret! This is the first recipe I've seen and I'm definitely going to try this. I usually just order it at a local restaurant. Can you use any kind of fish?

      1. Thank you :) yes try King Mackerel,Indian Mackerel,Pompano or any other fish of your choice.I think Asian fishes would work best. Thanks for dropping by.

    2. I've never had this variety of fish before, but would certainly love to try, especially with the masala flavouring here. Yum!!

    3. What an awesome presentation this fish makes. Love the spice profile. This would be a great dinner any night of the week. Perfect for entertaining too.

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    11. Yum! My hubby would love this! Can't wait to make it for him.

    12. I've never heard of pomfret before! We tend to eat a lot of fish, but somehow I have yet to come across this. I will keep my eyes out for it at the fish market!

    13. The turmeric powder gives this fish such a pretty color! Beautiful dish.

    14. Hi! Thanks for sharing such easy and mouth watering recipe. I like the way you upload pictures to justify every step. I have another recipe of fish finger , which I found on PNT site. I suggest you to try it once!


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