Thai Cashew Noodles

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A new post for all noodle lovers like me..its a very easy recipe,yet very tasty and serves a flavor combination of spicy and sweet at the same time...Thai Cashew Noodles!

I have been an genuine fan of noodles - whether they are Hot n Spicy, Sweet,Crispy,Garlic Burnt or whatever flavor that is served. Just love noodles!
I make some or the other version of noodles at home on a regular basis, and mostly on weekends.As that is the only time I can experiment with flavors and try something new.

Do check my recipe of crispy pan fried noodles with goodness of chicken and eggs. You can use the same recipe and make vegetarian version too.

Thai Cashew Noodle Recipes Udon

OK, here is what I need to confess,I had no plans of making noodles for lunch but then just last week when we went for grocery shopping, I accidentally saw these Udon noodles along with a variety of other options.I had a few noodles on my mind and Udon was one among them. So, I got one pack,and thought to my mind that if my recipe is not that good then I wont buy again!
Somehow,the recipe was all in a hurry and since it was the weekend, so with sooooo many chores lined up and kids going crazy and me having a list of things (to do) pending over a month.Huh!
Finally,these turned so delicious and yummmmm!! My kid, as usual was all fussy about trying the noodles, then I said "OK,go ahead and eat your rice, and I will enjoy these". So after all temptations and going back and forth she finally asked me to give her one noodle /thread and then she never stopped.
It's a very easy recipe,you can just add any noodles you get to this recipe,if you don't have Udon hand. Even Ching's Hakka noodles/Egg noodles would work fine. But the best variety of noodles to work best to get the perfect final outcome is using some thick and firm kind of noodles than thin variety,.


Thai Cashew Noodles


  • Firstly,cook the noodles as per package instructions.
  • Add little oil to the noodles and toss them well ,so that they wont stick to each other.
  • In a mixing bowl,add sriracha,brown sugar,sesame oil ,vinegar,soy sauce and red chili sauce.
  • In a pan,add sesame oil.
  • When it's hot,add the ginger and garlic.
  • Add all veggies except the spring onion greens and toss well.
  • Add sauce mix and salt.
  • Toss well till veggies cook.
  • Add the noodles and cashew nuts.
  • Toss further so that noodles are coated well with the sauce.
  • Add the spring onion greens.
  • Serve immediately and enjoy!
Prep time: Cook time: Total time: Yield: Serves 2

Spicy and Sweet Thai Cashew Noodles

Here are few Tips I would like to share:

  • For this recipe,always choose the thick variety of noodles or else the noodles will turn soggy.
  • Adjust the Sriracha as per your spice tolerance. I have added 1 Tablespoon,if you are fine with more spice then you can increase it accordingly.
  • I added pre-roasted cashew nuts,you can add the roasted ones or raw ones too. Make sure when you add them they should be fresh and crunchy and not soft.
  • Add chicken / Shrimps to this noodles too to get extra flavor.

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Hi, I'm Prasanna!

I will be the first one to admit that I am an accidental food blogger. I love trying out new recipes and giving them a twist of my own. Hope you enjoy trying out the recipes ... do leave me your valuable feedback 😊

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    1. OMG! it looks so delicious!

      But why aren't you using a good tool for generating recipe cards for your recipes?
      Here is a good one with nice features:

      1. Thank you so much :) I will definitely check that out. I needed some nice recipe card already! Thanks once more :)

    2. This recipe looks so amazing. I am definitely going to try this, love all of these flavors.

    3. HaHa. You child reminds me of my daughter when little - she would beg for the pumpkin seeds from the top of my slice of carrot cake but would not touch the cake itself.

      These noodles look lovely - just the right level of sauce and plenty of tasty additions.

      1. Thank you so much :) I have tough time convincing her to eat anything :D your daughter sounds another level altogether!

    4. I'm a massive noodle fan! Probably can't say friend as I eat them ;) Your Thai cashew style noodles look totally great.

    5. Lovely noodle dish, I'm a great fan of noodles and I like them hot and spicy the way you did them!

    6. I love noodles too! I'd eat them pretty much every day if my fiancé didn't get sick of them! These Thai Cashew Noodles look fantastic! And I'm also going to check out your crispy fried noodles too as they sounds amazing!

      1. HAHA :) I love noodles too! Just crazy about them if nothing works out Panda Express is there all the time!

    7. I've been really craving something like this lately. I'm so glad I came across this recipe, can't wait to try it.

    8. Your recipe sounds delicious! I love the combination of sweet and spicy. I will be trying this one sooooon!

    9. Love that this tempted even your noodle avoider of the family! I adore udon noodles so I'm sure I'd like this.

    10. My son loves noodles- and anything Thai! He is really into flavor (at 2 years old!).

      1. You are lucky to have a Foodie in your house! Thank you :)

    11. Oh my goodness these sound amazing, and I do believe I have all the ingredients on hand! That's dinner sorted, thank you! :)

    12. This recipe looks to delicious. I love the thicker size noodles and the sauce is making my mouth water. Print it right now!

    13. Projecting my Grandmothers's voice here, "Oh my word! Noe isn't that a sight!" Truly beautiful Prasanna! :-) (If my grandmother were here, she'd tell you herself)!

    14. Looks yummy ! like noodles and this is different. Shall try, lovely clicks, beautiful photos

    15. how can I add tofu to this recepie - shallow fry or direct ?


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