Gulab Jamun Recipe(Gulab Jamun made with Khoya)

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Soft,melt-in-mouth,delicious Indian Festive sweet - Gulab Jamun and that too made with Khoya/Mawa/Khoa(Solidified Milk)!

One the best ever celebrated Indian Sweet / Festive sweet of all time,and we don't need any reasons to eat these soft,melt-in-mouth Gulab Jamun's!
So here's my update of my previous post of Khoya / Mawa/khoa Jamun's that I had shared long time back.

Well to those who are not aware of what is Khoya/Mawa/Khoa, then HERE is the information about the same.
This khoya is mainly used in Indian cuisines to make variety of sweets. I have also shared a lot of different dessert/festive sweet recipes.
HERE is the link to my list of various desserts/Indian sweet recipes that I have shared.

A black background with light blue bowl served with delicious Indian sweet Gulab Jamun Recipe(Gulab Jamun made with Khoya)

How do I serve the Jamun?

This is a choice of personal prefernce.Some people prefer to eat Jamun warm or HOT and some like it cold. I have also seen people serving HOT Jamun with sugar syrup with cold Ice Cream too.

Can I Freeze/Refrigerate them? 

Yes,of course! Go ahead and freeze them and use later.But the flavor of Jamun's or for that matter any frozen food varies a lot compared to fresh food.

What can I do with leftover Sugar Syrup?

I normally keep the leftover sugar syrup and consume it for making any other sweet/dessert in which I need sugar.But you can always mix it with flour and make some sweet Poori or sweet chapati/roti.
You can also use this leftover syrup in  making Rasgulla!

A steel bowl served with delicious Indian festive sweet Gulab Jamun Recipe(Gulab Jamun made with Khoya)

A light blue bowl on a white plate served with Gulab Jamun Recipe(Gulab Jamun made with Khoya)

Gulab Jamun Recipe(Gulab Jamun made with Khoya)

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Published 10/19/2018
Gulab Jamun Recipe(Gulab Jamun made with Khoya)
Delicious Gulab Jamun ,the very famous and festive Indian sweet,made with Khoya/Mawa/Khoa.



  1. In a bowl, add Khoya, maida,baking soda and mix well.
    The Khoya will be of crumbled texture so knead it well with milk.
    Keep this aside for 5 mins.
    Add milk little by little to make soft dough of the mixture. 
  2. Cover the dough and keep aside.
  3. In a pan, add sugar and water and boil it.
    Let the sugar dissolve completely.
    Boil this for around 7-8 mins on medium flame till the syrup is slightly thick and still will be easily soaked up by jamuns.
    Turn off the gas.
    Add cardamom crushed and rose essence.
    Keep it aside.
  4. Apply little ghee to your palm and make small round balls of dough.
    Make sure there are no cracks in the ball.
    In a frying pan, add oil and ghee.
    Use equal quantity of both.When its hot drop in 4-5 jamuns at a time and fry on low flame.
    Do not overcrowd the frying pan.
    Keep turning the jamuns frequently. 
  5. When they are golden brown in color, take them out.
    Drain them on tissue paper. 
  6. Drop the jamuns when they are warm in the sugar syrup.
    Make sure the sugar syrup is warm too.
    Serve chilled or hot!!
Yield: 5 Servings
Prep Time: 00:15:00 mins.
Cook time: 00:15:00 mins.
Total time: 30 mins.
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Gulab Jamun Recipe(Gulab Jamun made with Khoya)

How do I make Jamun? What are the Tricks/ Tips?
  • Always use all the ingredients at room temperature. Do not use Khoya/Milk when they are chilled.
  • If you don't want to use milk in making dough then you can use water too.
  • The quantity of milk I have used is approximately based on how much I require to make soft dough but not sticky.
  • Always cover the dough with a dry cloth and keep aside for 5 to 10 mins.
  • If the dough gets dry, then use little milk to wet your hand and use that knead the dough.
  • Apply little ghee to your palms and roll the ball. There should be no cracks in balls or else the jamuns will break.
  • I used half oil and half ghee to fry jamuns. You can use only oil or only ghee too. Sometime you don't know when the store bought ghee was made and the jamuns might break if the store bought ghee is not recent.
  • Always fry jamuns on low medium flame. It might appear that jamuns turn brown outside but inside they might be still raw. So best option is to cook them on low flame. Keep turning them.
  • Jamuns and syrup should be both warm when adding jamuns to syrup or jamuns wont absorb syrup so well.
  • Sugar syrup consistency should not be watery or too thick.
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      gulab jamun recipe

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